Enjoy Your Summer



Take advantage of your talents now! Use and improve your skills while you have time. It may become a hobby to enjoy once you're good at it! Let's say you are enthused about classic cars. You can help your dad restore a classic car and put it in for shows.



Relax. Summer isn't ALL fun and games. It can also be a time for resting your brain after all that hard work at school. Go ahead; sleep in if you want. Watch some television...just whatever puts you in a calm mood.



Sign up for a sport. You will learn to work in a group, which will be beneficiary in life and it will be fun. Choose one that you truly enjoy or that requires the skills that you have (such as hand/eye coordination). There are always summer sports camps and some schools may have sports in the summer, such as track and lacrosse.



Take this time to achieve your goals in life. Now you can actually work towards them without the worries of what others at school will think of you. Go ahead and lose weight, clear up your skin, pursue a hobby, feed your knowledge, just whatever floats your boat.



Go places! Go to the mall, the beach, the library, or wherever alone or with a group of buddies and just hang out for a while. You can also have a party or sleepover if you're allowed. Now you don't have to worry about your parents saying, "No, because it's a school night."



Start skateboarding, trust me, most people get addicted to it and then later almost everything you do revolves around skating, the feeling of complete freedom is priceless, if you already skate, go to Camp Woodward, even if you don't have the money you can wash dishes and do chores for an hour a day and skate the rest to pay for it. Try not to be a skater punk though. Be aware, you might get the look.


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