My Students' short stories


Once there was a kind man in a city, who was our English teacher. It was the first day of school. When he came to our class all the students got surprised and were afraid of him. Because he was angry, after minutes he started to speak. All of the students had made a mistake because he was a kind teacher. Then he introduced himself. His name was Mahdavi. We introduced ourselves. I was the first of the class and I went near him. Then I spoke English and I introduced myself after I sat down. After the class I went home. Suddenly a car got near me. My teacher push me.. and he crashed with car and died. He was like an angel. He saved me, he was a special man…

Mohammad Javad Abjooshak, Sajjad Ganjali 




Once there was a sad little star. She wasn’t big, but all of the stars were bright and big. She was very sad and she was never happy and she always cried. Stars didn’t like her. “ You are the black sheep of the family” They said. The star got very sad. She looked at the underground world. She saw a lot of white clouds that lived friendly and were always happy. She liked a lot to live with them, but she could not go there. When her family saw her she was very sad. They got very sad that they weren’t kind with her. Then they decided to be sad with her.

 Rasool Ramezan Far, Morteza toori, Behzad Zardad poor, Mohammad Bandsari



I am 20 years old now. I was a student of Darolelm. I had a good friend. His name was Emad. We were good students. We always walked to school together and arrived at school at 7: 30. One day Emad lost his wallet. He thought I stole his wallet. But I had not stolen it. “Give me my wallet,” he said. “I do not know where your wallet is,” said. “I do not like to see you forever,” he said to me, and went home. Tomorrow he came to school and was very sad. He did not say anything to me. ‘Hi Emad,” I said, but he did not answer. After a week he found his wallet and said to me, “I’m very sorry Ali. I found my wallet. It was under my bed.”“don’t worry Emad,” I said. “I was sad then, but I am happy now. I like you and we would be friends forever.”Now it is 2015, and I and Emad are still very good friends. I am not married yet, but he has a kid, and works at a good office. And I am a teacher. I teach English. I am happy because I have a so good friend.

 Ali Hassani,Danial Delafkar, Mohammad Bardian, Amir Nadi


                                  BABY DEER 

There was once a snowy day in our village. It was very cold and all the trees were white. The children played together with snow and made a snow man. Next day, they went to the mountains and saw some deer there and played with the baby deer. But, baby deer were hungry the children had some vegetables and gave them to the baby deer. Then, they got back home, and the other day went back to the mountains and saw that baby deer were hunted. They took the left baby deer home and took care of them, and after two months took them back to the mountains. Two years later they went again there and saw a lot of deer, and each of them took one to bring home. 

Mohammad Ahmadi, Amir Boorha, Sadegh Ganjali 

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