Look Forward

Next, let's look at what -ing means. Is running a noun or a verb? Depending on the sentence, it can be either one. Sometimes it's a verb: He is running. Sometimes it's a noun: Running is fun or We are tired of running. The rule is that you use -ing after a preposition (before calling, upon landing, without thinking).

Where it gets tricky is when -ing is after the word to. To is usually a preposition, but because of the infinitive, there is a very strong association of to + do, so let's clarify when to + doing is correct.

I look forward to + meeting them.


Word Packets

The thing is, to do is a word packet, but to + doing is where two phrases meet:

After a preposition, you can swap in a regular noun or a pronoun: 

Notice that all of these prepositions are followed by -ing.







The last section is where there is no preposition, but there is -ing.  


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